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  • "I just finished your book. This is a heart warming story about them and forgiveness that most don't know. I, certainly, didn't. You have a superior way of narrating a story. I have, always, enjoyed reading about the history of baseball, especially when it is in the foreground/background of other world events. As a 17-year old teen growing up in Cincinnati, I was clueless as to the Watts riots and the coup in Santo Domingo. It is an eye opener."  –Doug Brownlee, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • "Just finished the book.  I really enjoyed it. The personal histories are amazing, and the ways their lives intersected, etc.  What I think really shows it to be a rich book is that the sports/baseball angle is really only a vehicle to tell a larger story.  You don't have to be a baseball head to really get into the story. But in reading this one gains appreciation for the sport as well."  –David Andreini, San Francisco, California
  • "I can't put the book down having been a Dodgers fan until moving to San Francisco in 1981. I enjoy your clarification of Campy and have gained respect for both Juan and Johnny."  –Bill Darusmont, Excelsior, Minnesota

  • "Just finished reading “The Fight Of Their Lives” last night. The last few pages actually had me in tears. I was only 2 in 1965, but as a baseball historian of sorts knew of what happened on that fateful day, but like most folks only the sketchy details. Congratulations on a fantastic book."  –Chuck Opramolla, Roseland, New Jersey
  • "You did it again, another terrific baseball book that extends to life on a grand scale. It aired this past weekend and a lot of flks sent me very positive feedback."  –Jordan Rich, WBZ, Boston, Massachusetts
  • "I started reading your book and got so caught up in the story that I lost track of time.  I ended up reading all morning instead of doing some other things I should have been doing.  But it was worth it."  –Terry Puckett, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • “I just finished reading The Fight of their Lives and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. Let me warn you that I know close to nothing about baseball. Suffice it to say that for me ERA means Equal Rights Amendment and putout, a misspelled put out. But this glaring deficiency in my baseball education was no impediment to thoroughly enjoy the powerful narrative of this beautiful human history of forgiveness and redemption. Congratulations on a wonderful book!" – JL Frías, Atlanta, Georgia
  • "This is your best.  The description of the fight and the events that lead up to it, Pages 110-117, is superb.  I wasn't just reading about that day.  I'm right there watching it all unfold.  I had my 12 year old grandson, who never heard of Marichal or Roseboro, read those pages and he thought the description exciting. Congratulations on a wonderful product." –Wayne Hergott, Edina, Minnesota
  • "Perfect book."  – Steve Rothschild, Sunrise, Arizona
  • "Truly wonderful reading, congratulations!!  You've successfully woven two forces of discrimination in the U.S. as it pertains to pro-baseball,  those being baseball against blacks, baseball against Latinos."  --Neil Larson, Eden Prairie, Minnesota.
  • "Your book is an inspiration to the young and to African Americans and to baseball in general.  Thank you again for the book."  –Duane Benton, Farmville, Virginia
  • "Thank you for taking the time to read The Fight of Their Lives at our store. You are a wonderful speaker, an dit was clear everyone had an amazing time." –Anny Mayhew, Magers & Quinn Booksellers, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • "I just finished reading your latest book, The Fight of Their Lives and have tears in my eyes.  Being a San Francisco guy and brought up as a baseball player I relived that incident many times through the years when talking about baseball incidents. In reading your book it truly tells the story of a brutal moment in time into a beautiful story of forgiveness.  And I thought Hank Greenberg: The Hero of Heroes was great.  This one is at the top of the list." –John McCarthy, San Francisco, California